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KP StarOne is an advance astrology program for followers of KP System. It is probably the only astrology program based on WYSIWYG technology ( What You See Is What You Get on printer). It has many advance features like Advance Event Finder, Chart/ Birth time adjustment, House rotation, built-in KP Ephemeris, Muhurt Selector and Transit besides KP significators, 4-Step Significators, TSP quick horary, Aspects & Ruling Planets.

What's new in version 6.7

- Run-time error after using VarshPhal
- Bug in displayed Lat & Long. in Chart for the current Time
- More places module not accepting new Lat. & Long. in first attempt
- Bug in Astrologers' notes and Tab sequence during Chart data entry

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    Pappu Sarveswarsastry Last month

    How to get KEY for the product Id after downloading the said programme what is the mail id of kpstarone programme?

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    Guest 6 months ago

    Do you have its Android version?

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    ams senaratha nandana 8 months ago

    This programme was written according to the principle of the KP astrology. The author of this programme is Mr. Amithab who knows the KP astrology. I am doing such experiments using the KP system and knew that this programe is very helpfull to those who following it.

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