KPStarOne 6.6

Is an advance astrology program for followers of KP System
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StarOne SoftCraft Inc.

This is a complete software for charting horoscopes using most accurate Swiss Ephemeris. The program has following features:

•Most accurate detailed KP Ephemeris (showing Star/ Sub-sub level change timings) and Panchang
•Choice of all popular Ayanamsa incl. KPNA
•Built-in database for 1,12,235 populated towns/cities with Latitude, Longitude, Altitude and time zone
•KP Significators table with color coding
•Natal and Transit Ruling Planets table with color coding for retrograde SBL/ STL
•House Rotation
•Choice of Horary up to Sub-Sub level (Q.No.list for 1 to 249 OR 1 to 2193)
•Very accurate Advance Event Finder
•Muhurt Selector
•Chart/ Birth Time adjustment
•VarshPhala Charts with Mudda Vimshottari & Yogini dasa
•Tithi Pravesh Charts
•Western Aspects between Planets, Cusps and Transit planets
•Transit & Navamsa Charts
•Various Options for North/South indian charts
•Cue-Cards & Help manual
•Backup & retrieval of Saved Charts database

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